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January 09, 2008



I think you've put this very eloquently. OP is now dealing with issues that "real cities" have been dealing with in previous decades. People move, demographics change, buildings age, and tastes develop over time. OP needs to learn to reinvent and repurpose what it already has. Cities have done this through revitalizing industrial districts, focusing on walkable shopping experiences, and streetscape improvements. Places like downtown OP and northern parts of the county have tremendous potential for this kind of development. Certainly they are hampered by an overreliance on strip malls in the past, but nowadays the size and scale of these places offers something quite different than megamalls and shopping centers.

ExPat Chef

Well put. My thought is, how can we get local food if there are no local farms? Our rural surroundings are a huge plus for the area and should not be viewed as just another subdivision waiting to happen. Considering the one million foreclosures and the massive boomer downsizing as well as the 20 percent decline in new building, why is OP even considering the expansion?

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