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March 15, 2007



...Additional KC Food Circle Expo 2007 event interest...

A Chef's Demo will commence at
11am - Howard Hanna and Weston Schroeder, Executive Chefs, Room 39

Bring your tastebuds!

(** for more info and links to other restaurants that use locally-grown produce, see our new RESTAURANT forum on our bulletin board - www.KCFoodCircle.org **)


I should point out that the first 75 people will receive a free DVD on the 100-mile diet, so set your alarms;-)

Dave  - WebMinion - KC Food Circle

KCFC EXPO 2007 - OUR 9th ANNUAL FARMERS EXHIBITION was held on Saturday, March 24th, and by all accounts it was a huge success! We are still assessing visitor logs, but current estimates indicate attendance was more than double that of our expo last year.

We offer our warmest thanks to all of you who attended, and we'd like to encourage you to mark your calendars for more local food/sus-ag events this season - if you find anything missing from our public Google calendar, please let us know.

Special thanks and congratulations go out to our sponsors and everyone who helped to fund, organize and promote the event. It wouldn't have happened without you.


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