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March 02, 2008



Well that stinks. Good for you for paying attention.


I live near the KC area (an hour away in KS) and I have had no issues finding antibiotic free food for fowl. Every place I shop has a medicated and non medicated version of starter feed. I am glad you found a local provider of non medicated feed and find it surprising that the bulk of your local providers don't offer a choice. I bet they would order it if you asked, however.

ExPat Chef

Definitely, THANK YOU! We eat those chickens. :) And love them, and you for being so careful what you feed them. Other not so pleasant things you can find in industrial chicken feeds can include arsenic, banned in EU, but still available here. It's getting hard to find real food, for us or for chickens.

video stitching

I think choose food which can give stamina and less fat, not those which has better taste. Fried chickens and green beans are great healthy foods.

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